Gusgraph Story

Creating things with our hands gives us satisfaction whatever they might be. There is and always will be something special about custom, unique, and well-thought-out items. That is my aim, with this store we are hoping to provide individuals with an opportunity to personalize works that will make a difference, big or small. Let us know if there is something custom that you would like to create.

The Team 

Gus Alkazam
Owner, Designer, Maker

My passion for making Always keeps me going, I love the art of making with my hands. My favorite part about making is taking ideas and making them a reality. I am a grad of Stonebridge college in Business. and minor in Graphics designs and computer science. I love photography Creating durable images by recording light, electronically by means of an image sensor, offering to many fields of science, manufacturing (e.g., photo lithography), and business, as well as more direct uses for art, film and video production, or recreational purposes, hobby, and advertising

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What we can help you build your own ART creations.


Various Styles

We have items for multiple of styles, from feminine to sporty, office, or outdoor. Therefore, you can always find your need here.


Designs Consultation

Our experts will help you build your item design using items on Gusgraph store. This setup service is free for every order.


International Shipping

Get your favorite items wherever you are. We ship internationally from 4-5 working days (not included holidays and weekends). Free shipping for any order over $250.



Free shipping in USA On order over $15.00